: : Ultra Fine Magnet Wire

AWG sizes 43-56. Half sizes, single or heavy build, bondable, in red, green or natural. AGA low outgas. We Comply with IEC and NEMA Standards

speaker coils, voice coils, motors for pagers, relays, microphones, clock coils, hearing aids, pacemakers, measuring instruments, telephones, precision wound coils, appliance motors, ignition coils, motors, solenoids, transformers, timer motors, encapsulated coils, automotive coils.

Main Test Item Main Instrument Test Type
Overall Diameter Laser Diameter Tester T.S.
D.C. Resistance Microprocessor Ohmmeter T.S.
Elongation at break Elongation Tester T.S.
Breakdown Voltage Voltage Tester T
Continuity of Covering Continuity Tester T
Solderability Solder Tester T.S.
Bondability Bonding Tester T.S.
Cut-through Temperature Cut-through Tester T.S.

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