: : Ultra Fine Stainless Steel Products

Round Wire:

From AWG 30 (.0100 nom/.250mm diameter) down to AWG 53 (.0078nom/.020mm diameter).

Spools of Ultra Fine Stainless Steel Wire

Steel Spools

Flat Wire:
Smallest: .005" x .015"
Largest: .062" x .250" or .093" x .187"
(Maximum wire width is .250" - as width is decreased, thickness may be increased.)

Full Rounded
Full Rounded or Blended Edges
No flat on side, slightly sharp, corner where arc meets flats.
Natural Rolled Natural Rolled or Rounded Edges
No flat on sides. Arc blends into flats, eliminating sharp corners. This availability available at slightly lower cost.
Square Rounded Square Edges
Flat side with very minimum radius at the corners.
Rounded Corners Rounded Corners
Flat side with a larger radius at the corners.

From automobiles to electrical machinery, ultra-fine stainless steel is used in many products.

Stainless steel wire can be produced to with a diameter of about 13 microns, that is about one-sixth the thickness of a strand of hair. This is widely used in mesh for screen printing, electronic circuit boards and even clothing applications. The increased life of stainless steel ad to the longevity of the products. This gives your products a longer life before becoming extinct. Not to mention that stainless steel is one of the most cleanest and environmentally friendly processes in the steel industry.

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