: : Modified Polyester-amide / Polyimide


Insulation Characteristics:

Modified Polyester-imide/Polyamide consists of a nylon topcoat over a solderable, high temperature modified polyester-imide. The solder stripping characteristic of the composite has been optimized for processing in a solder pot at 850° - 950°F. Physical properties are adequate for most coil applications. More severe winding requirements such as in-slot stator winding are not recommended without thorough evaluation. The electrical properties are influenced slightly by the hygroscopic nature of the nylon topcoat.


General Applications:

Modified Polyester-imide/Polyamide is designed for those special coil applications where solderability is coupled with a need for high thermal resistance. The application potential for this insulation is enhanced by the addition of the polyamide overcoat to the high temperature modified polyester basecoat.

  • Automotive coils
  • Shaded pole motor coils
  • Special control coils
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