: : Insulated and Bare Rectangular Wire Information

Insulated and Bare Flat Wire, Profiled Wire



Self-supporting coils and windings in telecommunications, field coils, magnet coils, reactance coils, dry and oil-filled transformers, windings of AC and DC motors of class H, motors and generators for the aviation and marine industries, motors and equipment in the nuclear field.

The Advantage to You

      • Different types of enamel with very good mechanical strength and bonding properties
      • Very consistent quality and dimension tolerances
      • Wide range of dimensions (very small to very large flat-wire cross-sections)

Copper Rectangular Flat Wire

Aluminum Rectangular Insulated Wire

Stainless Steel Rectangular Wire

Bare and Insulated Flat Copper Rectangular Sizes:

Bare and Insulated Aluminum Rectangular Sizes:

Bare and Insulated Stainless Steel Rectangular Sizes:

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