Rectangular Wire Calculator

Nominal and Metric Calculations : Area Inches Squared, Area MM Squared, Feet per Pound, Meter per Gram, DC Resistance per foot. DC Resistance per meter

Alloy Material:
Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Electric Steel

Height / Thickness Inches:

Width Inches:

Height by Width Ratio:
1 by

Taping Thickness (Based on 50% Overlap):

Total Height / Thickness Inches:

Total Width Inches:

Equivalent Round Diameter Inches:

Area Inches Squared:
Area MM Squared:      
Equivalent Round Wire CMA:
Feet Per Pound:           
Meter Per Gram:          

DC Resistance per foot:    
DC Resistance per meter:

Enter two of the four values on the left then hit submit for the rest to be calculated.
Lapping Availability

PET Mylar®: 1, 2 mil

Aromatic Nomex® 410 Paper: 2, 3, 5 mil

Polyimide Kapton®: 1, 2 mil


***To be used as a guideline only

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