: : Polyurethane Nylon 180


Insulation Characteristics:

Thermoplastic flow or cut-through temperature of Polyurethane/Polyamide is in the 250° C plus range; well above maximum process conditions found in molded coil work, trickle impregnation processes and standard pre-heat varnish cycles specified for normal Class 130, 155 and 180 systems.

This insulation solder strips readily without excessive build up of solder dross associated with other solderable type resin coatings. It solders consistently at temperatures as low as 390°C. Flexibility and adhesion properties of Polyurethane/Polyamid, because of its tough nylon topcoat, are more than adequate for most wire winding applications.


General Applications:

Polyurethane/Polyamid is designed for applications requiring high thermal resistance and low soldering temperatures. Care must be exercised in the application of this insulation since this material does not exhibit overload resistance properties of most non-solderable Class 105, 130, 155 and 180 resin systems.

  • Automotive coils
  • Specialty power transformers
  • Toroidal coils
  • Small motors, armatures and fields
  • Bobbin wound and paper section coils
  • Molded and encapsulated coils
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