: : Aromatic Polyimide

NEMA MW16C Round / IEC 317-17
NEMA MW20C Square & Rectangle / IEC 317-30

Insulation Characteristics:

This insulation is a film-coated magnet wire made with aromatic polyimide resin. It is a Class 240 insulation with exceptional resistance to chemical solvents and burnout. It will operate at temperatures in excess of 240°C for intermittent duty. The outstanding thermoplastic flow of over 400°C and its ability to withstand excessive overloads extends the use of magnet wire in extreme conditions. This insulation is unaffected by prolonged exposure to varnish solvents and is compatible with most systems.

General Applications:

Whenever high temperatures and extreme overload or ambient conditions are required, this insulation may be used.

  • Encapsulated coils
  • Fractional and integral horsepower motors
  • Heavy-duty hand tool motors
  • Hermetic and sealed units
  • High temperature continuous duty coils and relay
For more information check the DuPont® site.
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