: : Polyester A/I Topcoat

Modified Polyester/Theic;Modified Polyesterimide + Polyamide; imide


Insulation Characteristics:

This film insulation has excellent thermoplastic flow (cut-through) properties, with typical test values in excess of 390°C. The product has been extensively wound in various motor applications and has been highly commended for its superior wind-ability performance. This insulation really excels in the area of voltage endurance. Testing with sinusoidal and with inverter wave shapes shows that polyester/polyamideimide lasts many times longer than standard NEMA MW35 insulation. While no standards for this type of testing have been universally accepted, our testing shows dramatic improvement in insulation life, especially under service duty applications at higher temperatures.

General Applications:

This insulation has been specifically designed for use in motors that may be subjected to higher voltage spikes present in inverter duty applications. The combination of the modified polyester base coat and polyamide topcoat provides an insulation system with outstanding toughness and dielectric properties. This insulation has improved voltage endurance and thermal properties compared to standard NEMA MW 35 C magnet wire, while retaining superior chemical resistance to common solvents and refrigerants. This film insulation is recommended for various end uses as follows:

  • Electronics (All types of coils, Class 105 through 200)
  • Rotating Machines (Fractional and Integral HP Motors, Hermetic Motors, DC Motors, Power Tools, Automotive Alternators and Generators)
  • Transformers (All dry type, Class 105 through 200, Control Type)


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