:: Insulated Stainless Steel



~Excellent Straightness
~Uniform and beautiful surface condition
~Excellent coil-forming ability
~High elasticity and high fatigue resistance
~Strong corrosion resistance against exposure to the toughest atmosphere

TrainglePhysical Parameter:

~Wire Diameter: 0.035mm
~Diameter Tolerance: =/+ 0.001mm
~Overall Tolerance: =/< 0.001mm
~Tensile Strength: 75-81 kgf/mm squared
~Elongation: =/> 25%

TraingleInsulations Available:

TraingleSizes Available:

Flat Wire
Square Wire
Round Wire
Special Shapes
.005" x .015"
.015" Square
From .050" 
We can create tooling to produce special shaped wire to fill your unique requirement. If you have a drawing - we can produce it. We also manufacture more common wire shapes like oval, half round and diamond.
.062" x .250" 
(Maximum Wire width is ,250"- as width is decreased, thickness may be increased.)
.125" Square
down to
.015" diameter
(Only available with bright clean finish)


Version 4.3.3
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