: : Nickel-Colbalt Alloy Kovar

Nickel-Colbalt Alloy Kovar Composition

Fe - Balance, Ni - 29%, Co - 17%, C - <0.01%, Si - 0.2%, Mn - 0.3%

Nickel-Colbalt Alloy Kovar Tradenames

Kovar, ASMT F15

Nickel-Colbalt Alloy Kovar Sizes

0.020 to 0.125 in

Nickel-Colbalt Alloy Kovar Applications

Primary applications include creating hermetically sealed environments, matched expansion joints, and glass-to-metal seals. 

Nickel-Colbalt Alloy Kovar Description

Kovar is a nickel-colbalt ferrous alloy designed to be compatiable with the thermal expansion characterisitics of borosilicate glass (~5x10-6 / K between 30 and 200*C to ~10x10-6 / K at 800*C) in order to allow direct mechanical connections over a range of temperatures. The name Kovar is often used as a general term for FeNi alloys with these particular thermal expansion properties.

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