: : Copper Nickel Alloy Constantan

Copper Nickel Alloy Constantan Composition

Cu 56%, Ni 42%

Copper Nickel Alloy Constantan Specifications / Tradenames

UNS C72150, Advance, Eureka, Constantan, Ferry, Cuprothal

Copper Nickel Alloy Constantan Sizes

0.005 to 0.162 in

Copper Nickel Alloy Constantan Applications

Heavy duty industrial rheostats, electric motor starters, wire wound precision resistors, temperature stable potentiometers, volume control devices, and strain gauges.

Copper Nickel Alloy Constantan Description

Constantan is a copper-nickel alloy containing approximately 56% copper, 42% nickel. It is manufactured under close control from electroylic copper and pure nickel, and is available in the form of wire.

Constantan has a number of special characterisitics - some electrical, some mechanical - which makes it a remarkably versatile alloy. For certain applications, its high specific resistance and negligible temperature coefficient of resistance are its most important attributes. For others, the fact that Constantan offers good ductility, is easily soldered and welded and has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion is more significant.

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