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Nickel Alloy 500

UNS N05500

Nickel Alloy 500 Composition

Ni 63%, Al 2.3 - 3.2%%, Ti 0.35 - 0.85%, Fe 0.50 - 2%, Cu 27 - 33%, Mn 1.5%, S 0.01%, Si 0.05%, C 0.25%

Nickel Alloy 500 Description

Alloy K-500 is a nickel-copper alloy, precipitation hardenable through additions of aluminum and titanium. This alloy retains the excellent corrosion resistant characteristics of 400 and has enhanced strength and hardness after precipitation hardening when compared with 400. Alloy K-500 has approximately three (3) times the yield strength and double the tensile strength when compared with 400. K-500 can be further strengthened by cold working before the precipitation hardening..

Nickel Alloy 500 Applications

Typical application for the alloy which takes advantage of high strength and corrosion resistance are pump shafts, impellers, propeller shafts, valve components for ships and offshore drilling towers, bolting, oil well drill collars and instrumentation components for oil and gas production. It is particularly well suited for centrifugal pumps in the marine industry because of its high strength and low corrosion rates in high-velocity seawater.
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