: : Copper Alloy 411 - Copper Zinc Brass

Copper Alloy 411 - Copper Zinc Brass Composition

Cu 91%, S 0.5%, Zn 8.5%

Copper Alloy 411 - Copper Zinc Brass Description

C41100 is categorized as Wrought Copper Alloy. It is commonly called UNS C41100
Copper-zinc brass.

Copper Alloy 411 - Copper Zinc Brass Applications

It is a source material in many processes including the creation of electrical components and bullet-making. Alloy 411 is a component in such objects as trumpets and cymbals, doorknobs and locks, ammunition, valves, gears, and bearings. It is a common alloy used to make coins. This alloy plays an important role in manufacturing tools for use around explosive gases, and in cryogenics. It is used as a test control metal for protective coatings research. Other items include plates, tubes, pipes, forgings, castings, bushings, washers, terminals, connectors, flexible metal hose, and conductors.

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