: : Copper Alloy 230 - Red Brass

Copper Alloy 230 - Red Brass Composition

Cu 85%, Zn 15%

Copper Alloy 230 - Red Brass Description

A highly versatile alloy, Red Brass is notable for its natural golden color and ease of finishing. Widely used for costume jewelry, pen and pencil parts, and many other decorative items, it also is the strongest and least expensive of those copper-zinc alloys that are highly resistant to stress corrosion cracking. Highly corrosion resistant and readily deep drawn and otherwise formed, it is used for a multitude of products ranging from ferrules, light fixtures and lipstick cases-to steam iron parts, sprinklers and weatherstrip.

Copper Alloy 230 - Red Brass Applications

Trim, etching parts, weather strip
Builders Hardware
Kick plates
Rouge boxes, dials, coinage, tokens, lipstick containers, fire extinguisher cases, costume jewelry, compacts, plaques, medallions, nameplates, badges, zippers
Rotor bars, AC motors, sockets, screw shells, conduit 
Eyelets, fasteners
Condenser tubes, pickling crates, radiator cores, heat exchangers, flexible metal hose, fire extinguishers, pump cylinder liners, tags, tubing for heat exchangers, tubing for instrumentation, heat exchanger shells, fire hose couplings
Pump lines, pipe, service lines, J-bends, traps, pipe service lines, pipe nipples, fittings

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