: : Copper Alloy 220 - Commercial Bronze

Copper Alloy 220 - Commercial Bronze Composition

Cu 98.5%, Si 1.5%

Copper Alloy 220 - Commercial Bronze Description

Actually a brass rather than a bronze, Commercial Bronze takes its name from its rich bronze color. Because of this color and the metal's excellent formability, functional strength, corrosion resistance, and cost advantages-it is widely used in architectural and furniture applications. Highly amenable to deep drawing and resistant to corrosion, it can be used for ink tubes, water mixing valves and other deep-drawn parts frequently subjected to corrosive conditions.

Copper Alloy 220 - Commercial Bronze Applications

Weather stripping, screen cloth, ornamental trim, etching bronze, grill work
Builders Hardware
Kick plates, hardware
Housing for lipstick compacts, compacts, costume jewelry, caskets, lipstick cases, ball point pens, chain links
Wave guides, rotor bar - AC motors, cable wrap 
Screw shells, bolts, line clamps, rivets, screws
Base for vitreous enamel, escutcheons, flexible tube, studs, screen wire
Marine hardware
Small arms cartridges, artillery projectile rotating bands, press fit, primer caps, rotating bands
Plumbers' brass goods

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